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Dolphins trade 3rd overall pick to SF

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1 minute ago, Trentwannabe said:

Oh my goodness. 

Miami is just absolutely loaded with 1st round picks. 

Need Tua to develop for sure and that draft capital looks really good

Just now, SteelKing728 said:

I wonder who Miami targets with their later pick. Maybe another receiver to help Tua?

Lot of options at DL, Edge, WR

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1 minute ago, Yin-Yang said:

Miami really is going to have double firsts for a decade, aren’t they? They turned Laremy Tunsil into like, 5 firsts lol. 

Guess the run on QBs is going to start early.

I don't think the Jets are going to target a QB in the draft. I think SF knows that.

Can't say I'm 100% but why sell yourself short for the 3rd best QB when we still have a month to go before the draft begins?

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Just now, RandomCampBody said:

Looks like both Miami and San Fran looked at the Watson situation and said we are not getting involved in that.

this is the actual story imo. Watson is in serious trouble.

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3 minutes ago, Uncle Buck said:

That's awesome!  Now the Niners have the ammunition to come after Minshew.  ;)



It doesn't take "ammunition" to get Minshew.

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