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Dolphins, Eagles Swap FRPs (Eagles to 12, Dolphins to 6)

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On 3/27/2021 at 12:41 AM, CWood21 said:

Or if they have the same QB issues they did this year, they're handing a top 15 pick over to the Dolphins.  The Eagles gambled that the Dolphins would be worse than the 49ers, and the Dolphins are betting that they'll be better than the Niners.

I think the Niners should be better...however the divisions give me pause. AFC East seems like a slightly easier road than the NFC West this year.
However If the bet is Tua and the Dolphins team vs Any of those top Qbs and the Niners, I'd take the Phins pick too.

I'm glad between this and the Colts/Wentz stuff Howie has given us other rooting interests in what should be a rough season.

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Miami has to have 6 names on their unmissable sheet. I'd guess it's either Sewell or Chase right at the top of that, third would be Pitts. 

Either way, got to take my hat off to Miami for their draftology the past couple years

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