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James Gunn's Suicide Squad - Out now on HBOmax & Theaters


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Trailer sucked IMO.   

Same cheesiness and terrible dialogue.  Margot Robbie might have the look, but she has yet to impress me as Harley Quinn.   

I might check it out eventually.

@Outpost31is right and I was saying the same thing before the first one came out....they shouldve built up the DCEU properly and THEN did Suicide Squad.

But seeing as how bad the first two Harley Quinn movies were, and how bad this looks....it probably doesn't matter anyway.

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5 hours ago, TENINCH said:

I'm tired of John Cena and Pete Davidson in movies.

Agreed.   If so, they should stick to terrible rom coms starring Amy Schumer or Kristen Wiig.

They keep pushing Cena to be like the Rock and even Batista.....but the Rock is likable enough to make people overlook how corny his acting is, and Batista is usually given roles where he doesnt speak a ton.  

In terms of acting ability, Cena is a modern day Hulk Hogan.      Maybe he can do remakes of Mr Nanny and Suburban Commando.  

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