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Artie Burns is back!

Heinz D.

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6 hours ago, Bigbear72 said:

I don't post often but I read constantly.  Welcome back!



Thanks Bigbear.

Haven't posted much because following the year end "summary" from everyone at Halas Hall affirming status quo what more was there to say other than we have mediocre owners who are content with mediocre management who have hired a mediocre HC and signed or drafted mediocre QBs so we remain a mediocre NFL team.  Until that changes I can't honestly see things being any different now or in the future than they have during the past 37 years of McCaskey ownership.

They inherited one of the most dominant teams in NFL history on November 1, 1983.  What have they done with it since?  They get no credit at all for the '85 Bears so one single Super Bowl appearance since 1985 and roughly 30 years of mostly being GB's floor mat?  IMHO it's not so much that they don't want to restore the Bears to their former glory they simply don't know how and unlike GSH they will not fire Ted Phillips and hire an outsider whose a top NFL to run their franchise.

To be honest they've finally worn me out.  I have no passion left because I have no expectations beyond the typical "what we see is what we get".  They're somewhat of a dying NFL franchise trading off the '85 Bears and a Monsters of the Midway label that's over 75 years old now.  They may not be dead but they've developed a chronic limp and an arrhythmia in the heart and soul of the franchise no longer Halas' Bears of old but the McCaskey Bears weak and poorly managed. They aren't football savvy.

I don't know why I expect them to remove Ted Phillips.  They won't.  And it's an insult to fans to call Ryan Pace their "top football man" when he's shown no talent for rebuilding consistent winners either.  They won't fire him not only because they like him but also because they don't know who they could hire to replace him.  Top NFL Execs will not come to Chicago to work under Teddy Bears Phillips and they will not remove him because he guards the franchises money vault and their wealth.

Soooooo.....welcome to 2021.  Different year, same old $hit.

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