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Post Miami-maneuvering Minuteman mock 3/26


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1. Jaguars- Trevor Lawrence, QB

2. Jets- Zach Wilson, QB

3. 49ers- Trey Lance, QB

I'm believing Brandt and others, and it is also my gut feeling, that Lance is the pick at 3. I am probably reading too much into the "Jimmy is our guy this year" comment; to me, that says "we are drafting a guy who needs a year to sit". Lance has insane potential, but will need time to develop into an NFL QB.


4. Panthers- Justin Fields, QB

Someone is going to trade with the Falcons for the 4th pick after the run on QBs, and I think it is the Panthers here. The Falcons only have to move back a few spots, and the Panthers guarantee their QB. I think Fields will fit in well with Joe Brady's offense.

5. Bengals- Penei Sewell, OT

Bengals need to protect Burrow. Sewell is a blue chip tackle prospect, who dominated his competition at 19 years old and falls to them at 5. Easy decision.

6. Dolphins- Devonta Smith, WR

I think Smith is the Dolphins guy, and it is why they were willing to move around a bit to get him, because they knew he'd be a reach at 3 and might get stolen by the Giants at 11 if they stayed at 12 (they like Smith a lot as well).

7. Lions- Jamar Chase, WR

The best WR in the draft falls to the Lions at 7, who desperately need WR talent. Perfect match.

8. Falcons- Kyle Pitts, TE

Pitts's 'fall' stops here. I am convinced the Falcons are rolling with Matt Ryan, and what better way to help him succeed then giving him an uber talented TE.


9. Patriots- Mac Jones, QB

I think the Patriots ultimately win out on landing Mac Jones over the Bears. The Broncos would have liked to see Trey Lance here, but that didn't happen. They move back to 15 while the Patriots get their QB.

10. Cowboys- Patrick Surtain, CB

With the recent news about Farley, and Surtain's absurd pro day numbers, he is the pick here for the Cowboys. They need a lot of help in the secondary, and Surtain has legitimate lockdown corner potential.

11. Giants- Micah Parsons, LB

I think Micah Parsons is who the Giants want. He has the versatility that Graham demands as a LB in his defense, and the coaching staff is very familiar with him as a person, enough to make a judgement on the supposed character issues.

12. Eagles- Jaylen Waddle, WR

The Eagles move back and still get a weapon for whoever their QB is next year. That's definitely a win.

13. Chargers- Rashawn Slater, OT

Slater is my number 1 tackle and he goes to a team that needs OL talent and needs to keep their stud QB upright.

14. Vikings- Kwity Paye, EDGE

The Vikings get the somewhat-consensus #1 edge at 14. This gives them the flexibility to move Hunter if they really need to, or they pair the 2 together and have a great tandem. 

15. Broncos- Caleb Farley, CB

I don't think Fangio will be able to help himself. Similar to the Dolphins, the Broncos move back and still get 'their guy'. Farley is perfect for Fangio's defense and only falls this far due to the back injuries. He's easily the best CB prospect in this draft, but health concerns drop him.

16. Cardinals- Jaycee Horn, CB

Horn is a recent riser and put on a show at his pro day. He is the heir to Patrick Peterson.

17. Raiders- Christian Darrisaw, OT

The Raiders pigeonholed themselves a bit with their offseason moves; they need to take OL often and early in this draft. Darrisaw is a strong, nasty player which the Raiders seem to like on their OL.

18. Dolphins- Jayson Oweh, EDGE

Oweh is the 2nd edge off the board. He is very much a projection type of player, as his college production and tape isn't very special. He is an athletic freak though, and I think Flores will look to mold him.

19. WFT- Rashod Bateman, WR

Bateman is going to be a player that coaches and football guys love. Like the Eagles, I think WFT is going to look to add their QB next year and build a solid group for that player to walk into this year. Bateman would take the WFT receiving corps from awful in 2020 to one of the best in football in 2021.

20. Bears- Kyle Trask, QB

This is a 'what I think they do' mock draft, not what I want them to do or what I would do. I'm sorry Bears fans; I think they panic and take Trask, who put up super impressive numbers last year.

21. Colts- Rondale Moore, WR

Colts need WR help and they aren't afraid of smaller #1 receivers. Moore is a freak of nature. He both fits in nicely with what they have now and has potential to succeed TY Hilton as the #1 guy next year.

22. Titans- Teven Jenkins, OT

I think the Titans will seek to right the wrongs of the unnamed Georgia OT pick recently. A CB is also firmly in play here, although I think Jenkins is a better OT than any CBs remaining are.

23. Jets- Greg Rousseau, EDGE

The Jets have needed EDGE talent for years now. I think Saleh feels confident enough in his defensive staff to develop Rousseau, who has freakish athletic potential.

24. Steelers- Alijah Vera-Tucker, OL

I think the Steelers would value Vera-Tucker's versatility, and like the Raiders, they have sort of pigeonholed themselves into taking OL early in this draft. The good news is that Vera-Tucker is hardly a reach in the mid-20s. At worst, he's a solid guard in the NFL.

25. Jaguars- Trevon Moehrig, S

The Jaguars safety position is awful. Moehrig is a bit of a steal here. Urban gets a smart, versatile guy to run the backend of his defense.

26. Browns- Nick Bolton, LB

The Browns started BJ Goodson for 14 games last year. BJ Goodson is not very good. While there is a need at EDGE as well, I think Bolton adds more to the team immediately than someone like Jealan Philips does.

27. Ravens- Elijah Moore, WR

I like Elijah Moore more than most. I think there is no question the Ravens need WR help, and Moore is a really good prospect.

28. Saints- Asante Samuel Jr, CB

The Saints really like confident CBs with swagger. Asante Samuel Jr has that in spades and fits in as the CB opposite Marshon Lattimore, which is a massive need.

29. Packers- Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB/S

I have a hard time calling JOK a LB, so I chose LB/S instead. I think his talent is too much to pass up here for the Packers.

30. Bills- Travis Etienne, RB

I changed this pick at the last minute. I think the moves the Bills have made allow them to pick a 'luxury' here. Etienne is a huge upgrade to what they currently have at RB.

31. Chiefs- Sam Cosmi, OT

Cosmi is incredibly athletic and the Chiefs have a big need at OL. 

32. Buccaneers- Christian Barmore, DI

BPA pick. I don't know how long the Bucs are going to try to run it back, but he slots in perfectly for Suh, assuming he leaves after this most recent 1 year contract. The Bucs are pretty loaded top to bottom. Vita Vea is a beast, but misses a fair amount of games and they really miss him when he is gone. Barmore is not Vita Vea, but he's another talented interior DL.

Let me know what you think!

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5 hours ago, Cypher said:

I can't see Atlanta trading with us. In-division to get a QBOTF? Nah. It'll be Denver or NE. Carolina is screwed.

There is one way. To overcharge the living hell out of the Panthers. If the panthers want a qb that bad, Atlanta is going to make them pony up. 

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1 hour ago, brushmyhair said:

There is one way. To overcharge the living hell out of the Panthers. If the panthers want a qb that bad, Atlanta is going to make them pony up. 

Which is precisely why I don't see it happening lol

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2 hours ago, brushmyhair said:

There is one way. To overcharge the living hell out of the Panthers. If the panthers want a qb that bad, Atlanta is going to make them pony up. 

Im just saying  8, Burns, and a 2nd looks pretty dang promising if im the Falcons :D  It covers a hole we have had for awhile at edge  lets us select a guy like Surtain, Parsons, Farley, Sewell, Slater, Pitts etc....  at 8 and gives us more ammo in round 2 to get a Safety and a RB freeing up the Edge position we already took care of with Burns.

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10 hours ago, SteelKing728 said:

Unless they can get Darnold maybe.

I think, at this point, this is the much more likely scenario depending in what order the Panthers value the QB's.  I can't see them giving up the draft equity to move up for the 4th QB on their board.  At this point, there aren't many suitors for Darnold.  They may be able to get him for a 3rd or 4th.  

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