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Ravens sign WR Sammy Watkins 1 yr $6M ($5M guaranteed)

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  • wackywabbit changed the title to Ravens sign WR Sammy Watkins 1 yr $6M ($5M guaranteed)

Not to rain on anyone's parade but here's how it's going to go: Very early on he's going to absolutely destroy somebody and you're gonna think "wow this year is finally his year!", shortly after he's going to mildly sprain something that usually most players either play through or miss mayyybe a week and he will miss 3-5 games. After that he will make an occasional play that makes you think it's still possible to see him light up a team regularly like he did earlier in the year but nope: here comes another sprain/booboo (usually when it starts getting cold) and he will "try to push through" but look like crap and disappear the rest of the year until the playoffs start and he, hopefully, gets to warm weather. Once that happens he gets a tad more motivated and makes some key plays and you're back to thinking he's THAT Watkins again. 

Rinse and repeat, just be glad it's a reasonable contract compared to the albatross we gave him. Hope he does finally put it together and make something more of his career than he has but don't hold your breath.

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