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Ravens sign WR Sammy Watkins to 1 year $6m deal ($5m guaranteed)

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^^^ I bring up McKinnie because I think there are a lot of parallels in their overall player profile. Decorated college stars and super hyped high draft picks who underachieved in the league because of a combination of injury and character/work ethic issues. Both eventually find their way to Baltimore as low floor, high-ceiling hired guns at a big position of need on offense for a team desperately trying to get over the championship hump. 

McPhee is definitely a good recent example of an older vet who we limited snaps for in the regular season in order to keep him fresh for the playoffs but on his end it was almost all just a question of physical limitations whereas I think managing Watkins will be just as much about trying to keep him focused from a mental standpoint as much as it is about injury concerns - similar to McKinnie in that sense. Not to mention I think just from a structural standpoint there's something a bit more different/challenging about 'rotating' a new wide receiver like Watkins - who we'll both need to get reps and chemistry with Lamar throughout the season while not overworking him - which again more closely mirrors the challenges of getting McKinnie ready for the stretch run in 2012 compared to a front 7 player and Ravens lifer like McPhee who already knows the system like the back of his hand and plays a position where rotation is a natural part of the game. 

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