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1 hour ago, xenajets said:

For me if we don’t trade Sam then I’d wait to draft a receiver until later in the draft. However if we can get a 2nd round pick then for me whatever we get for Sam we should turn into a weapon for our new qb. Also Rondale Moore brings something to this team that we don’t have. We have to get that home run hitter. Massive drop off between Moore and then a 5th round receiver prospect. 

Again from a value prospective I much prefer Cox at the top of the third than Collins in the first round. Cox is perfect for this defense and to me I’d be hard pressed finding a better alternative other than Parsons or JOK. Collins may fit as good as Cox in this defense but that’s just my opinion. 



Every year guy's drop out of the first round into the second round, etc. Mims is a fine example of that. So I think the Jets could draft an OL in the first round like C Langdon Dickerson out of Alabama, and still grab a very good CB in round 2 depending on who's available. I think the CB's will go fast in the first round, especially those considered elite.

Either way, we both know as well as anyone else on this site can attest we need to address the OL and CB position. LB could be addressed in round 3, I don't think we go with a RB anytime this year unless it is a late pick or UDFA signing. But I would like a TE a guy like Hunter Long, our TE's are too streaky for me. 

Cleveland I think is a great 4th round pick.

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I think we get a late first for Sam. i think the bears, denver and few other teams that don't have a QB will trade next years first or trade down collect some picks and trade away that late first for him. 

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51 minutes ago, mattmanz91 said:

I love this whole draft, if it ended after your first four picks I'd still be ecstatic. I doubt Horn is there at 23 but if he is I really hope he's the pick. 

Thanks man. I think Horn would of been there for sure but with the Farley injury it could make Horn go before we pick now. Still don’t think all three of Farley, Surtain and Horn will be gone but if so then I’d trade back and take one of the other good cb prospects. 

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