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NFL expected to add 17th regular season game, starting in 2021, 4 extra international games starting in 2022

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Just thought about this:

All those guys on cap hell teams that took bonuses this year instead of big salaries and now play for league minimum.

  • Game 17 will result in a 1/17th of your 2021 salary as an extra check unless your contract states otherwise.
    • Lets say you were making 10 million this year before restructure. That would be a 588k bonus for the extra game.
    • Lets say you are now making 900k this year. You now only get a 53k bonus.
  • You just paid 530k for a 7 month advance on your salary.
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On 3/31/2021 at 12:17 PM, TakeTheBallDeep said:

Haven't went back and looked to see if this was already posted but some years the Super Bowl will now be played the day before President's Day so some will have that Monday off! Very jelly

How did that work out? I thought it was always two weeks behind Daytona? Is Daytona going to Saturday?

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