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Most likely individual records to be broken in year 1 of the 17-game schedule?


which ones go down first?  

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  1. 1. which ones go down first?

    • Passing Yards (5477, Peyton Manning)
    • Passing TDs (55, Peyton Manning)
    • Rushing Yards (2105, Eric Dickerson)
    • Receptions (149, Michael Thomas)
    • Receiving Yards (1964, Calvin Johnson)
    • Receiving TDs (23, Randy Moss)
    • Total TDs (31, LaDainian Tomlinson)
    • Yards From Scrimmage (2509, Chris Johnson)
    • Sacks (22.5, Michael Strahan)

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To me the next record to be broken will be the 22.5 sacks seasons by Strahan. 
Couple of players came close recently and I think next year or the one after someone will break the record. 
If not maybe the 149 receptions one by Thomas ? 
Purely speculating 

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Passing Yards and Passing TDs are both very vulnerable. The current rushing record is pretty equitable to a 2k yard season in 16 games. So, rare, but certainly possible

As always, when talking about rushing record, I want to reiterate just how insane OJ's record was, breaking 2k yards in a 14 game season

If he had 16 games then the record is probably closer to 2,250-2,300... and in a 17 game season he's probably in that 2,400 ballpark. Which is such a hard number to comprehend

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I'd say it would probably the record for the greatest number of consecutive regular season starts during one season.  I predict that, not only will it be broken, but it will be broken by numerous players this year!  :D 

Seriously though, I'd probably have to go with passing yards.  It is an advantage for offenses if the stadiums are still not completely full and everyone on offense can hear their QB's calls under center.

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15 hours ago, PatriotsWin! said:

Sorta obvious it's Passing Yards in a Season, considering how many have gotten close to it in recent years.

I agree. I tried to look beyond this one and went with yards from scrimmage, as a healthy CMC, Barkley, Kamara, etc are all guys capable of possibly doing it imo. 

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