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Final Mock Draft barring any unforeseen trade offers

Big T

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Well lets begin with the obvious, we have a major needs at QB, OL, CB. Let.s stop there, we could go into how we need a stud WR, and a game changing RB or TE. But for now these are the top, the very top of the Jets team needs. Now, when or where they are drafted is an all together a horse of a different color. 

So though my draft meets those needs, what happens before and after will determine who the Jets draft. The Jets are powerless to keep another team from drafting a prospect they liked say at 23. Which would alter the need and cause them to draft say a WR instead and wait to fill one of the top needs.

This makes sense if say a Toney were available and an OL were taken prior to the Jets drafting. On the whole I think Jets fans would be okay with Toney at 23 although they are clamoring for an OL. Rumor has it the Jets are high on Creed Humphrey and it would make sense that at pick 23 they take him. But again it is only a rumor and should a top CB who the Jets believe would solidify the CB position on the team then I can see the Jets drafting a CB.

So as far as the second and third picks are concerned, with the exception of a top WR being available I believe the needs are interchangeable CB/OL..OL/CB in round one and round 2. 

So here we go.

1. Zac Wilson (barring any crazy trade offers like 4 number 1's 2 number 2's and a number 3)

2. Tevin Jenkins OT/C Creed Humphrey/ CB Jaycee Horn

3.WR Kadarius Toney/Tevin Jenkins/Humphrey

4.G Wyatt Davis/Javonte Williams RB

5.Ifeatu Melifonwu CB/WR Elijah Moore

6.Hamsah Nasirildeen S/Paulson Adebo CB

7. Tyler Shelvin DT/Tre Brown CB

8.Jay Tufele DT/Brady Christiansen G

9. WR Josh Imatorbhebhe/CB Shakur Brown.

So if I had my first choices it would be as follows

1. Wilson QB

2. Humphrey (move our current center to the guard position)

3 Toney WR

4. Davis G

5. Melifonwu CB

6. Nasirideen S

7.Tre Brown CB

8. Jay Tufele DT

9. Josh Imatorbhebhe WR

Of course no draft is perfect, but as for meeting our needs to the best of our postion and who is taken ahead of us, the draft meets needs.

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