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FFMD II 2021 - Detroit Lions War Room (Part 2)

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17 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

We have 8 more picks before our pick. Might be a good idea to post our top 5-6 guys and let people vote/discuss. 

@Karnage84 @diehardlionfan @Louis Friend @Sllim Pickens @winitall @NFL_Fan @BigC421/

The time for voting for Pick #236 is upon us.

If you can, please list your top three preferred prospects in order. I'll assign a point value to each, and the prospect with the most points will be our selection.

First, Karnage84's two sleeper prospects:

1. 103

2. 201


And, next, Louis Friend's three sleeper prospects:

3. 55

4. 62

5. 78


The voting is now open!

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1 hour ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

In addition: the Packers have reached out and (potentially) offered two late 7th round picks for Pick #236. Are we interested in trading down, or just stay with the votes we have for this pick?

You pick - Im good either way

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