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2021 Mock Draft


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20 minutes ago, Blue said:

I brought up the 40 because it's the first number people look at with athletic testing, not because it's the "end-all be-all." Suggesting Gesicki is an athlete on par with Pitts, who is rather widely regarded as one of the best tight end prospects since Vernon Davis, is ridiculous.

And yet across the board he tested better or the same except in the 40

How highly regarded as a prospect he is is immaterial to athletic testing given that the ability to play football is a big part of that evaluation

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On 4/5/2021 at 10:27 PM, brushmyhair said:

That mock is null and void so disregard it. I'll make 1 more mock. The night before the draft. And most likely it'll be Fields going to you guys. It'll probably be a 2 rounder

Scratch that. I'm gonna do 2 more drafts. 1 right now, and 1 the night before draft day. 

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