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Even more lazily slapped together Regular Season OT

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Cannot wait to see Ohtani put on a show on Monday. Its great how he is even participating in the event and to be able to see him pitch the next day. Awesome moment for the guy. 

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2 hours ago, bigbadbuff said:

Ohtani should be EVERYWHERE. Yet, non baseball enthusiasts even know who he is. Gross

My dad just kept calling him "the Japanese kid" while I was at his house for the 4th lmao

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Start ******* holding MLB umps accountable for their ****ty calls and plate zones. This crew is PATHETIC. They gave Castellanos 4 strikes in which he hit a 3 run shot on the 4th one and then called Yelich out on an infield single claiming he turned for second when he faintly shimmied, left foot barely turned and his right foot never passed the foul line lmao. Just an absolute **** show from this crew this weekend.
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