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Top Ten: NFL Free Agents I'm Skeptical Of

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I've been hard at work scouting prospects in the draft and working on mocks so much lately that I figured it'd be a good time to shift gears and talk about the free agents that moved and shook the NFL up over the past few months. I'm hopeful for a lot, Fitz and Football Team, the rebuilt New England Patriots, and of course Yannick coming to Vegas to give us a pass rush, or the illusion of one. This list will not include the people I'm excited for, rather it will have the people that I'm just a bit unsure of in some way. Whether it be where they relocated or being overpaid for their services, let's dive into who I think are the Top 10 Free Agents To Be Skeptical Of. Thanks for reading!
10.  A.J. Green to the Cardinals 
    Coming out of the draft, I was a huge fan of AJ Green coming into the NFL and being a disruption in Cincy's offense. That was true until injuries stole the end of his prime. I really like putting him with the best receiver in the NFL on a younger team that likes to spread the ball around. AJ has not lost all of his touch and can easily contribute in a rotational role in Arizona, a place that Larry Fitzgerald has looked ageless. If Green is healthy and maintains that coming into the season, I think this will turn out to be a wonderful signing. The reason this is number ten is solely based on his age and injury history, otherwise the tools for success are all there.
9. Nelson Agholor to the Patriots
    I really enjoyed having Agholor as a Raider last year. He helped Carr out in serious situations in a down year for us...which is the norm. I'm unsure about him for a couple reasons. I believe the Pats overpaid, not by much...but still. Nelson has been inconsistent overall and shelling out money for pass catchers that aren't sure guys is risky, especially coming off their best years. If anyone can make this signing look right and live up to it's potential, it's Bill Belichick  Will Cam Newton be the distributor though?
8. Trey Hendrickson to the Bengals
    Pass rushers cashing in after putting up numbers people couldn't have predicted is something I'm always here for. I personally love Trey Hendrickson too. I have family that are Saints fans and in Florida, we get their games on local TV regularly. Trey is a beast off the right side and can really create a problem for lineman, but can he do that in a defense that doesn't have as much structure? Can he be the lead pass rusher? Was he just a product of a good defense utilizing role players? Cincy is a scary place to end up in terms of knowing what you're getting. I'm hoping Hendrickson proves all the analytics wrong.
7. Juju Smith-Schuster staying in Pittsburgh
    Juju seems to be more involved in social media and his own branding. The ever loyal Steelers get him back cheap but will he continue to be a locker room distraction? Big Ben coming back too shows that Pittsburgh is like grandpa trying to deny that maybe the it's time for the old dog to be put down. I don't like Schuster much myself and don't really think he will contribute more than he already has, even in his worst years. Not a bad signing, just not the right culture move for the Steelers.
6. Trent Williams staying in San Francisco
    I know this selection, especially at six, may get some negative attention. I really like Trent, and I like that he stayed where he wanted to be and got paid. The caveat here is that huge trade San Fran just made up and the speculation behind who it is for. No one but Lynch and Shanahan have an idea of what is really going to happen. I know Trent can produce, even at 31. I hope the cast he has around him actually helps him flourish in his later years. The size of the contract is a player too, having bust potential only if the big boys calling the shots fail him.
5. Kyle Long to the Chiefs
    This signing has a lot of questions to it. First, Long is coming out of retirement to play. The Chiefs line was also just restructured massively. He could surely be rusty coming back and this pick has to be the easiest one on the list that isn't number one. I don't think KC's offense will look the same as it has recently and this signing could be one of the tell-tale signs if a regression is going to happen.
4. Adoree' Jackson to the Giants
    This really has overpaid and overvalued written all over it. Jackson hasn't been great over his career and has been most a number two kind of corner. He is also a return specialist but that wouldn't add to his value here. This Giants team is trying to compete now but this signing doesn't make sense with other corners on the market at the time. I don't like this selection one bit and that's odd because the other Giant moves were great. Jackson could prove everyone wrong but it doesn't look in the cards.
3. Will Fuller to the Dolphins
    Fuller has a list of red flags not concerned with his performance on the field. His week one suspension isn't huge but him being busted a few times for PED's is alarming for a young team changing culture. I like his production, even in a defunct Houston offense but if his off the field issues continue, this signing could be a waste. If he gets on the field for 16 weeks though, look out.
2. Cam Newton staying with the Patriots
    I think Bill has something planned for the draft and this move was to be a backup plan. Cam staying is curious as his down year causes a raise of the eyebrow. If the Pats draft a QB, this signing will look better, but going forward with Cam one more season seems faulty, even if you just overhauled the roster. It doesn't look bad on the ledger sheet and if Cam play anything like he used to, this at number 2 is void completely. I just really think Bill has some crazy scheme up his sleeve to fool us all. 
1. Andy Dalton to the Bears
    This signing was a desperate heave at keeping Pace and Nagy's jobs. I have never really liked Andy Dalton or his production. He was mediocre in Dallas and showed that the offense missed Dak. The Bears have very few pieces to accentuate Dalton's style too, so not much excitement to come from them promising the starter position. The tag to Robinson probably won't result in a trade now and Chicago will have a rough season, unless the Red Rifle shows us he's on target once more.
So, that wraps up my top ten. A lot of this is just speculation and my thoughts on who and what.
Let me know your piece in the comments if you're reading, and thank you for doing so!
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Great list tbh.   The main ones for me are AJ Green (older & lots of injuries), Trey (for the same reasons), and Kyle Long (Injuries).   Those are pretty much the ones feel that probably won't be able to make an impact.

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6 hours ago, RealisticRaiderFan said:

Fuller has a list of red flags not concerned with his performance on the field. His week one suspension isn't huge but him being busted a few times for PED's is alarming for a young team changing culture.

He's only been suspended for PEDs once. 

6 hours ago, RealisticRaiderFan said:

I like his production, even in a defunct Houston offense but if his off the field issues continue, this signing could be a waste. If he gets on the field for 16 weeks though, look out.

What off-the-field issues? Outside of the PED suspension (which is being attributed to a physician prescribing him something he didn't properly vet out - we're not talking Lane Johnson here) Fuller has been a model citizen.

The only concern with Fuller is his injury history. He's always got an injury to account for.

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Once the NFL realized Will Fuller couldn't play the first game due to suspension, another game was added to the schedule...for every team. 

Will Fuller has that power. 

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On 4/5/2021 at 3:23 PM, HolmesPriest said:

Kc Chiefs regression 🤣 Long is a backup for depth if needed.


1 hour ago, BigTrav said:

Wishful thinking, I suspect

I mean, in all fairness, all it takes is not-a-SB-appearance in order for a regression in that sense...

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Dalton is going to be a disaster. That one is easy. 

Kyle Long was totally shot too when he retired, he retired out of embarrassment really if you watch the games. The only chance is Mahomes is quick and his IQ is high so maybe he can just sort of run into the right guy as a blocker haha

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