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What would you say is the Gutsiest front office move your team has ever made?

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For the dolphins, taking Tua over Herbert, Tua could still be really good but with his injury history picking him was a risk no matter what and Herbert has already looked like the better QB among the top three from the draft class. Btw I really wanted Herbert. Another one for the Dolphins is actually kinda the opposite of gutsy because signing brees woulda been the gusty thing to do but I’m pretty sure they were both coming off major injuries, anyways that one obviously didn’t work out for us, hopefully the Tua decision doesn’t merit the same results.

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Could be a common one, but I gotta say Green Bay letting Favre walk in favor of A-Rod when they did. 

I think it differs from New England and Brady because they did so assuming they already had their long term answer on the roster. 

I was a huge A-Rod fan when he was at Cal and thought he'd be good, but he hadn't really shown much of anything up to that point. 

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12 minutes ago, Wyld Stallyns said:

Colts gutsiest moves 

Positive: Paying Reggie Wayne over Edgerrin James 

Negative: that 4th down punt(?) against the Patriots (you know the play) 

Trading for Trent Richardson was much worse. 

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1 hour ago, ditchdigger said:

Head Coach and Owner told GM to fax paperwork to the league for the approval of a trade that sent AJ McCarron to Cleveland in exchange for a 2nd and 3rd round pick.

Paperwork never made it to the fax machine. 

Thank you, Sashi.

To be fair, John Dorsey blew these picks on Austin Corbett (now with the Rams) and Chad Thomas (out of the league), but it does not lessen the boldness of the move, for which Sashi was fired.

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Panthers once traded a future 1st round pick to trade into the SECOND ROUND to draft Everette Brown

The gutsiest and stupidest move we've ever made.  Keep in mind this team had Julius Peppers on the tag and Charles Johnson.  And our QB going into the season?  Jake Delhomme.  Oh and why didn't we have a 1st round pick that year?  Because we traded it the year before to draft Jeff Otah.


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