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What would you say is the Gutsiest front office move your team has ever made?

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On 4/5/2021 at 4:31 PM, Shanedorf said:

Trading a 1st round draft pick to ATL for some 3rd string drunken hillbilly that Jerry Glanville called "Mississippi"
Spending a 1st round pick on a Tedford QB when "Mississippi" was still on the team and playing well
Spending a 1st + 4th on a QB while the Tedford QB was busy earning his 3rd MVP in the same season.



3 different GMs, too. 

I don't know that the Rodgers pick was gutsy - he was a TREMENDOUS value at that spot - but when The Face of the Franchise unretired and said "hey, I can come back!", saying "nah we cool" when the player replacing him has less than a game of good film took some stones. Especially since Favre in '07 would've had a shot at MVP in most any other year (unless a player literally cured cancer patients on the field there was no chance for anyone to beat Brady's 50 td 16-0 season) 

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Thats easy. Its the Rams hiring Sean McVay. At the time he was 30yrs old which was and still is the youngest head coach in NFL history. We know that first time head coaches rarely ever succeed but for a guy as young as McVay was some people questioned whether or not he would even have respect of the locker room considering there will be players older than him. The Rams not only got it right but they hit a grand slam with McVay. 

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