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2021 ROOKIE QB's---- Who hits, who's OK, who busts?

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Brady, Manning, and Brees had that fire. Elway and Favre had it. Lawrence is just a dude who will win 2 or 3 playoff games if he does not have it. Maybe he will win 5 playoff games and if they roster build the best team around him then he can meh to a Lombardi. 

I feel sorry for Jags fans after reading this about Lawrence.

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One of the reasons I am bullish on the Patriots is because Cam cares about football again. Football was 1A behind fashion for him for a while but he’s talked about chilling on that and putting more focus on football. Maybe Lawrence will write poetry or something? Poets are great unless you need them to come back from 13 down in the last 5 minutes.


its like George R R Martin. He’s great at writing but it’s not his obsession anymore so he has a rich multifaceted life and no more GoT books. Lawrence could be like the  post-paycheck George RR Martin of football. 

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