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German Mock Draft 2021 Edition

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14 minutes ago, JBURGE said:

Edge is a premium position. We will move on from Preston after this year I'm sure and having 3 solid players there would be great. Getting a player with his upside that late for me is a no brainer. 

He would also see playing time as a rookie - Z can play inside on passing downs, and Preston can play corner

I agree that EDGE is a premium position and you can never have enough of them. And if the Packers were a mediocre team in the rebuild I would completely sign your statement. But this team is only very few pieces away from another SB and ARod's window is closing in probably 2 years. We need to fill this few missing pieces now to get the shot on another Vince Lombardi Trophy until Rodgers is gone. And you clearly don't bring the the VL home when you play Preston Smith at Corner :D

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If it played out like this I would be ok with it, but not thrilled, especially seeing the picks right after some of ours. I'm fine with that trade down and think Samuel there is an ok pick, but like others said would rather see us take Bateman or one of the OTs in the late first. 

I dont like the second or third round, but they do hit needs so not terrible. I am not a fan of Hudson that early, I think there are good pieces to develop with him, but just dont love that pick in the second. St. Brown makes sense from a position standpoint and in the third its not bad value, but I just am not sold on another St. Brown; different players styles etc, but just makes me over scrutinize him. 

Really like Milton Williams in the fourth!

Overall, one I am ok with, but not hyped about. Good job!

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On 4/9/2021 at 9:59 PM, R T said:

Albert Einstein : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

Every year Packer fans make their draft shopping list of positions of 'need' and than are disappointed when the Packers don't draft from the position that everyone knows they 'need.' Every year some different positions, but always a shopping list. Last year it was WR and DL were positions that the Packers just could not live without, Rodgers has no weapons and the DL just got run over in the NFCC game against the 49er's. Yet the Packers didn't draft a player from either position. Hmm. For how many years have people been claiming that they need to invest high on a ILB, it never happens. Every year there will be those that work in front offices that point blank tell everyone that they will draft the BPA, yet it seldom sinks in. The Packers drafted Gary fresh off of spending over 100M on the Smith brothers in FA, draft a QB with a 1st ballot HOFer with 4 years left on his contract and draft a RB with a Pro Bowl RB and solid backup already cemented in place. No 'needs' there and all with 1st or 2nd round picks. Is it possible that the Packers really do follow their board and draft BPA regardless of position? Some may reach that conclusion, but first they will need to throw away the shopping list.   

I understand that thinking, but what else would fans do ?

The problem is you don't know how the board will fall until the draft happens, so you don't know who the BPA might be. Therefore, what criteria do you use to draft your guy ? This is the big problem with all mocks, they don't know what the board will be when they pick. As a consequence, fans look for a rational choice, which usually includes picks at a position of need. Is it a 'better' mock if you somewhat randomly pick a higher-tier player to fall as far as the Packers pick ?

What you are really saying is mocks are useless (which they largely are), but people like to do mocks for their own satisfaction (at least I do), selecting their own favourite players for the best possible roster.

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