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Which 6 skill players would you take for a dream team?

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1. Patrick Mahomes

2. George Kittle

3. Nick Chubb

4. Tyreek Hill

5. Mike Evans

6. Travis Kelce


Big targets that can get down field and a Qb that can get to them. Blocking for nick chubb will see a ton of explosive runs

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Mahomes - Easy call. 

Hill, DK, Adams - Good luck covering those two downfield while still bottling up Adams working everywhere that they aren’t. 

George Kittle - Want a physical blocker along with the pass catching ability. Kelce is a fine option too.

Henry - Was considering adding CMC to really annihilate with the “just going to pass every play” idea. Henry also introduces a this or that scenario, where every carry for the king is a pass that Mahomes isn’t throwing to one of those receivers. But I just don’t believe that a defense can bottle up Henry up front AND account for guys like Hill and DK deep down the field. Either get pounded into the ground or get absolutely abused by any receiver. Letting Henry work the front seven will stymy the pass rush a bit.

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Maholmes QB
Hopkins WR
Ja'Marr Chase WR
Kittle TE
Kelce TE
Saquon RB (assuming he's 100% healthy)

All time
Brady QB
Calvin WR
Moss WR
Larry Fitz WR
Tony G TE
Barry RB

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Assuming health...

Pat Mahomes - Can't argue against him, really. Assuming he's got some sort of OL, he's automatic.

Christian McCaffery - A three down RB, but amazing in space and in routes

Saquan Barkley - A three down RB, but incredible between the Ts. Rotate the two RBs to keep them fresh (hence the "assuming health" part).

DK Metcalf - A freak of nature, size and speed mismatch. Send him deep and outside the hashes, he's going to get his.

Deandre Hopkins - A chain mover who can get open against all types of coverage and can do the "safety valve" work across the middle and inside the hashes.

Tyreek Hill - Use his speed/acceleration in the slot, let him work the YAC inside and outside the hashes while the other two get the boundaries and McCaffery gets the shallow flats.

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1989/1990 season

QB Joe Montana

WR Jerry Rice

WR Sterling Sharpe

WR Andre Reed

RB Eric Dickerson

TE Brent Jones

And for a Dream Team, since it's a dream...they all would have played for the Denver Broncos...and they wouldn't have gotten crushed by the 49ers like they did in the Super Bowl...than again...if Montana is playing for the Broncos then Elway could be a 49er playing for Bill Walsh??  Yet, without Rice and Jones. 



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Assuming they are in their prime and from any era. 

QB Peyton Manning

WR Antonio Brown

WR Calvin Johnson

WR Larry Fitzgerald 

TE Tony Gonzalez

RB Bo Jackson 


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