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CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2018.01


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As promised, a mock draft.  Not going to project FA, and the only trade I'm projecting is Brett Hundley is dealt to Arizona for a 3rd round pick.

~ Packers finish the season 7-9 with a pick in the 11-14 range.
~Packers receive a 3rd (T.J. Lang), 5th (J.C. Tretter), 6th (Jared Cook), and 6th (Eddie Lacy) compensatory picks.

Coaching/FO Changes
~ Dom Capers is fired/retires
With the injury to Aaron Rodgers, the onus is on the defense to step up their game and keep the Packers competitive but ultimately the defense struggles to give up and after giving up over 60 points in their final two games, Dom Capers is let go as DC much to Packers' fans approval.

~Todd Bowles is hired as Defensive Coordinator
The fact that the Jets have 3 wins at this point is nothing short of impressive given the lack of talent on the Jets roster, but I'm expecting a massive overhaul in New York.  There's little doubt that Bowles can coach defense, but it's more of a question about whether or not he has the chops to remain as head coach.  IF he isn't fired, the Packers could hire Ray Horton instead.

2018 NFL Draft

1st Round
Bradley Chubb [DE/OLB; NC State}

I know @bkobow05 will be really happy with this pick, and I'd imagine that most Packers fans will be very happy with this selection as it adds another talented pass rusher to the mix.  IF he tests well at the Combine, there's a good chance he won't be available when the Packers pick especially if the production stays up.  But until then, I've got him projected to go in that 8-14 range which means the Packers could have the ability to select him.  The Packers haven't really had a chance to draft a premium pass rush prospect since Nick Perry fell in the draft, so it'd behoove the Packers to select one.  If you haven't had a chance to watch him play, there's plenty of YouTube videos of his game.  He's been a monster on that Wolf Pack defensive line, and figures to be a big time pass rusher at the next level.  He's got the size that the Packers like in their OLB.

2nd Round
Mark Andrews [TE; Oklahoma]

I know, the last thing the Packers really need is a TE especially when they signed Martellus Bennett to that big contract this past offseason.  But Andrews has been an absolute monster, and is going to make a great threat at TE long after Martellus Bennett is gone.  The problem is that rookie TEs usually aren't big producers, and they usually break out in their second season.  There's some Gronk to his game, as he's a bigger TE who runs well and catches most everything in his catch radius.  And he's surprisingly elusive in the open field and hard to take down.  The Packers could probably target a bigger need with this pick, but a chance to add an offensive weapon like Andrews isn't going to come open very often.

3rd Round
Tavarus McFadden [CB; Florida State]

The Packers again go back to the CB position, and look at this talented Florida State DB.  I don't think he'll test as well as some would like (think 4.5 40), which could see his stock drop.  He's not a real natural fit in zone coverage, and probably better off in man coverage but he'll need to tighten up his technique.  He's got a lot to work with, but there's some concerns there and he probably needs some coaching before he's ready to take off.

Dante Pettis [WR; Boise State]

The Packers need to start looking at life after Jordy Nelson, and the Packers draft this talented receiver out of Washington.  He's been nothing short of productive despite playing with Jake Browning as his starting QB.  He probably won't get much burn as a rookie, but he could still snaps away from Trevor Davis as a punt returner and getting eased into the WR role.

Marcus Allen [S; Penn State]

The Packers add more depth to their secondary and add some more competition to Kentrell Brice for the starting safety spot opposite of HHCD.  Right now, the Packers have quite a bit of depth there, but that figures to take a hit if the Packers opt to let Morgan Burnett walk.  Even if they retain him, they can shift Burnett into that nickel back role.

4th Round
Isaiah Wynn [OG/OT; Georgia]

The Packers drafted Kofi Amichia with the intention of developing him, but he was even more raw than they imagined and as a result he went unclaimed after they waived him and they'll bring in Wynn to compete with Kofi to replace Jahri Evans, a pending FA.

5th Round
Luke Falk [QB; Washington State]

After trading away Brett Hundley, they need to find a suitable backup QB.  Luke Falk isn't anything special, but he can be a game manager.

Roc Thomas [RB; Jacksonville State]

I liked what we've got out of Aaron Jones, and at a minimum I think Ty Montgomery could be a really good 3rd down back but I'd imagine the Packers are interested in creating as much competition as possible.

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You had me at Capers retires/is fired.  B|

Dig the idea of Bowles.

Love taking the pass rusher high and filling in needs around him in later rounds.

I don't know the names (haven't looked yet), but I really like the thought behind the picks and where they are taken.

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1 hour ago, CWood21 said:

What did I C&P?

My mock! Had Chubb and Andrews as the first two picks for us too.


As I said in my mock, TE is a sneaky need for this team. Richie is a FA after the season, Bennett has been atrocious and is on the wrong side of 30, plus he doesn't run well. As we both know, rookie TE's are very rarely productive, better to grab one a year early, rather than need one and have to wait 2 years for him to develop.

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I would be thrilled beyond belief if round 1 and 2 went that way. The first time I saw Andrews was last year, and I was like, "this guy looks like Gronk". I like going CB in the third, especially with House just signed to a one year deal and Randall/Rollins still struggling. We need depth! Dante Pettis is awesome. He reminds me of a bigger Julian Edelman with way better returning skills. Sign me up for this one.

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12 hours ago, CWood21 said:

Coaching/FO Changes
~ Dom Capers is fired/retires
With the injury to Aaron Rodgers, the onus is on the defense to step up their game and keep the Packers competitive but ultimately the defense struggles to give up and after giving up over 60 points in their final two games, Dom Capers is let go as DC much to Packers' fans approval.

If, as head coach Mike McCarthy declared on January 26, 2017 "Dom Capers is an outstanding football coach, that doesn’t change," why would Capers be in line for a firing just 1 year later? 


I don't think the D's performance thus far in 2017 has deviated much from how it has performed over the past several years and have hope that with improved health (House, King, and Biegel) it may yet outperform every unit since 2010.

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