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On 5/6/2021 at 10:49 PM, DirtyDez said:

Imagine the LB athleticism had they kept Reddick.  If Marco can give us anything and Jalen stays healthy I love the secondary. 

Agreed, but even if Jalen didn't stay healthy... What a safety room! Seriously, Budda Baker is an All-Pro. Jalen Thompson is really talented. Both Charles Washington and Chris Banjo played some fantastic football when they were in the lineup and I was thrilled that we brought them back. Deionte Thompson has plenty of potential. Shawn Williams has a BOATLOAD of starting experience. James Wiggins is someone I had ranked on Day 2 and I think he could develop into a starting free safety in the NFL.

Marco Wilson has such athleticism and he was pretty good in college, just had that one massive blunder with the shoe. He has some parts of his game that he needs to clean up, but he has a lot of traits and he's a natural mover and silky smooth in zone or off-man coverage. I think he could be 2021's version of Bryce Hall as a 3rd-day corner that gets the chance to start outside early and plays well. 

Tae Gowan seems like he could he a good depth corner and he has the traits that he could develop into a starting guy around year 3 or so.

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