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Quick & Painless GM Mock Draft

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1 minute ago, EaglesPeteC said:

@ny92mike what do we want to do with the Cards? I can pick for them if you’d like to move this along 

Aren’t they technically still on the clock for another couple of hours? I agree it’s unlikely they pick but not sure we can move it on just in case.

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2 minutes ago, RTTRUTH said:

Going to pick in 5-6 minutes. Not many trade inquiries 

Zach Ertz and 37 for 21. Who says no?

Get your QB his best friend so they can snuggle together 

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We're at pick #24 and the best player left on my personal big board is #23 overall. Rashod Bateman is the only player outside the top 25 who's been taken (and he's #26).

Going to be tough to trade down as there hasn't been any value to fall yet.

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Any body towards the back end of round one was to slide to 37 and pick up Zach Ertz, hit me up.


Or if you are just interested in Ertz, hit me up. Let's make a deal

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