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Assault Charges to Be Filed Against Aaron Donald

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8 hours ago, EvilenFroggen said:

Well that deescalated quickly. Just one more reminder in a whole slew of them that we need to withhold our judgements until we know the facts. Even now, who knows if something else will come about before it’s all over? 

Lol yeah waiting for the facts doesn’t seem to be something people are very good at.

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7 hours ago, 11sanchez11 said:

I would still suspend him for both Cardinals games, specifically 


Agreed. The NFL needs to step in and at least give the Cardinals a punchers chance at beating Sean McVay 😉

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On 4/15/2021 at 4:02 AM, DreamKid said:

Yea getting punched frequently then makes you more immune to brain trauma. That's definitely how it works....

How many people in that same span died from falling off their bikes with no helmet? Cause that's why someone would die after getting punched once. Hitting the concrete/floor hard in a compromised state. Statistically it's an anomaly of situation where such an incident is fatal and Aaron Donald in no way increases the % chance of it happening. Which you originally suggested by saying "He is a dude who could kill you with a punch if you hit the ground poorly".

Potentially getting slept by an Aaron Donald punch is no different than getting slept by a Hunter Renfrow punch when you're talking about the  % chance of you Fn dying because your head hit the ground. Doesn't matter how much his athletic profile makes you swoon.

Never said they don't, and that wasn't what we were talking about. I simply said ascribing mythical potency to a single punch from Aaron Donald because he's a great athlete for football is moronic- and it is.

Make sure you're careful around your local gym. Some guys at those places can dunk basketballs or bench over 300.... that means they could break you in half with a teep kick 🤣🤣.

You're both right.

Donald could kill someone by punching them and they accidentally smashed their head against the curb on the way down - it happens

Donald, just because he's good at football, is not some freakazoid in a fight who you wouldn't pick on to save your life. He's a pretty large dude who's good at football, and people do cuck themselves out because he's good at football and flexes for instagram. You're so right about the Lebron thing as well. My GOD there is nothing more annoying in sports media than Lebron comparisons to other sport positions.

Anyway, glad he's going to be cleared!

This is a classic case of 'nothing to see here'. 

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Aaron Donald is a "freakazoid" in anything that involves strength and speed. I'm not taking him against a professional fighter, but he'd wreck the average person. The dude is freakishly strong and quick with his hands. But by all accounts, he seems to be a genuinely kind person off the field. So I doubt he'll put himself in that sort of situation. Hell, this guy had to end up apologizing to AD lol.

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