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2 Weeks Away Mock


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1. Zach Wilson (QB/BYU): Great arm, good size and mobile. He has all the tools to be a franchise QB. Grooming him properly will be vastly more important than his skill set. Get him right mentally, protect him and give him weapons. Hopefully we finally find our guy. The Mormon Mahomes.


1. (from SEA) Tevin Jenkins (OT/OG Oklahoma State): The most violent blocker in the draft. He's this years Becton. He fits about as good as it gets to what JD likes in an OLineman. He slides in at RG as a rookie. But will move to RT next year once we move on from Fant. Giving us 2 very talented mauling OTs. Protecting Wilson is a priority.


2. Travis Etienne (RB/Clemson): Star RB that can do it all. He's fast, big, can run between the tackles, outside the tackles and can catch the ball. He's a perfect scheme fit. With the OL becoming a building block for us and a young QB under center. Having a running game that defenses has to respect will help in all aspects of the game.


3. Aaron Robinson (CB/Central Florida): Physical slot CB that has loads of talent. If he stayed at Bama... he'd be a 1st or 2nd rounder IMO. He fits our defensive scheme. We haven't resigned Poole. And I think we know CB help is what we need. I have more on what we do at CB after the draft.


3. (from SEA) Chazz Surratt (LB/North Carolina): Do it all LB that can cover, rush the passer, be stout in run defense. Makes our LB core elite with Mosley, Davis and Surratt. Saleh will get the most out of these 3 guys.


4. Deonte Brown (OG/Alabama): Continue to build the OL. I know some have high hopes for Clarke, but that has yet to be seen. Regardless after 2021 when we move Jenkins to RT, we need a OG. So this is just creating a competition and pipeline in the OL. Let the best guys start. He's another mauler in the run game, like JD loves.


5. Ambry Thomas (CB/Michigan): A guy that if he didn't sit out this last year would be a pick in the 1st few rounds. Fits of scheme and is physical on the outside. Once again creating that depth we need at a position that needs 4-5 deep.


5. (from NYG) Rashad Weaver (DE/Pittsburgh): Rotational Pass rusher. Tried to get his snaps in with Zuniga, Huff and Curry opposite Lawson. Keep swinging on these DE's until we find one. Lawson will command attention along with the pressure from our IDL and LBs. So the other DE, will have the chance to win 1 on 1 battles. Weaver did that at Pitt.


6. Ihmir Smith-Marsette (WR/Iowa): Love this guy. You put him on Alabama and he's a 1st rounder. Being at Iowa, he didn't get to showcase his talent. He's big, fast, great return guy as well. he did have off the field issues. But he's a 5th rounder. Now harm in taking a shot and giving him a chance.


6. (from CAR) Paris Ford (S/Pittsburgh): High intensity, full speed, hard hitting S. He needs more control in his game and needs to be more consistent. Maybe can have a ST role and a depth S for us.



Post Draft the Jets sign CB Steven Nelson to start as an outside CB for us. With drafting Robinson, outside CB becomes more of a need for us than slot CB. So we have Brown, Hall and Robinson at CB for starters. 


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40 minutes ago, JohnnyHectorFan said:

I like it. Jenkins is definitely a JD type. If we can grab Weaver and Smith-Marsette that late, wow. 

One question, do you mean Steven Nelson from Pittsburgh signing after the draft? 

Yes I meant Nelson. My bad

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I like it.

Jenkins is definitely a JD type of guy. Just a man out there tossing dudes around. A lot mocks have him right around our pick. Sometimes a little ahead...sometime a little behind. If we pick at 23, I hope he’s the guy.

I don’t mind doubling up OL. Like you said, even if Clark becomes a quality guard, we still need one more guy. Just a reminder of how much Macc ignored the OL.

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