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Bills OT Trey Adams announces retirement

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Awhile ago, probably before free agency, when the Colts needed more depth on the OL (not just to replace Castonzo). I was looking at a mock draft that had the Colts drafting Trey Smith and my first thought was why is he listed as a Guard? and second thought no way the Colts would draft him this high because of his injury history.

I had the wrong Trey. 


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However, a torn ACL in 2017 and back injuries in 2018 helped knock Adams off of that trajectory.

As someone who is 29 with back problems, I can't imagine how much he's going through with that AND a major knee injury. Hate seeing this.

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This sucks. I was a big fan of his pre-draft. Injuries completely derailed a high potential career.


37 minutes ago, Kiwibrown said:

Do share

When asked what he would change about himself, he wanted to be "bigger." Thats the PG version for here of course.

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10 hours ago, D82 said:

I'd honestly forgotten all about him. 

I take it the ACL injury was something he never fully recovered from?

Knee and back issues both. Sounds like he lost the mobility to play on the outside and now his core is likely too damaged to hold up on the inside. 

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