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Most disappointing Super Bowl from a neutral perspective


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SEA-DEN had some comedic value. It was basically slapstick after midway through the second quarter. 

Honestly, the most recent one was most disappointing to me because it was being built up as a clash of the titans, but the Chiefs were just so overwhelmed throughout. 

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39 minutes ago, wackywabbit said:

Colts-Bears wasn't fun to watch.

I was rooting for Chicago and the first quarter gave some hope, but I knew in the end they couldn't win with Grossman under center so I was largely tuned out and figured just give Golden Boy his Super Bowl and let's get it over with.

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NE/NYG 2.0 - I remember looking up at the clock and being like "oh, it's the 4th quarter." There was just no spark in the game

NE/LA - didn't help that it really should have been NE/NO, and the best super bowl I had ever seen was the year before. Again, it seemed like the game just breezed by with nothing spectacular happening

TB/KC - TB came to play, KC did not. We have had so many amazing comebacks in recent years, it was easy for me to feel like this was still a game late in the 3rd quarter, but then it became obvious this wasn't just one team doing everything they could to hold down the KC juggernaut. Once I realized that it retroactively sucked what excitement there was out of the game.

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