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Leisher's next to last 2021 Mock draft.


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Ok everyone, this is my wish list mock draft.  I am going to try to make it as realistic as I can.  Hope you enjoy!


1st rd.  I don't want to trade up, with 5 QB's possibly going before some good players will fall.  I want to stand my ground and take the BPA.  

Teven Jenkins, OT, Oklahoma State - NFL Draft Player Profile

Teven Jenkins  T  Oklahoma St.  I love his nastiness.  The right side of the OL in 2022 could be Runyan and Teven Jenkins.


Round #2, this is the time to trade up.  Packers trade up giving up their 2nd rd pick and the late 4th rd pick.  This is to grab their 2nd most need IMO, CB.  I know some will argue that DL is more of a need, but a player I really like can be had in the 4th or 5th rd.   So, with this pick in the 2nd rd.


See the source image

Elijah Molden  CB  Washington  Reminds me of Jaire Alexander, can play slot or outside.

3rd  and 4th round picks I want to go DL.

See the source image

Jay Tufele  DL  USC  2nd rd talent that could fall.  Can play on any front.


See the source image

Osa Odighizuma  DL  UCLA   I like him at DE, Lowry's spot or if they go to a 4 man front at DT.


With the 5th rd picks, I want to focus on offense. 


See the source image

Trevon Grimes  WR  Florida  Fits the Packers mold for WR, could be a 5th rd gem.


See the source image

Javian Hawkins  RB  Louisville  Speed for #3 RB and RS


6th rd picks I would want to focus on depth and ST.

See the source image

Garret Wallow  LB  TCU  Former S that switched to LB, offers coverage skill set and ST


See the source image

Damar Hamlin  DB  Pittsburgh  DB depth and ST


See the source image

Michal Monet  C  Penn St.  Depth



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I go back and forth on Jenkins. Like you said a nasty OL and that combo of Runyon (assuming he continues to develop and earns a spot) and Jenkins (assuming he can handle RT) would be a much different demeanor on that side of the line. I am just not sold he is a going to be a OT long term. I would not be upset with the pick, just unsure on where he plays and how that fits with our make up right now. 

Tufele I think could be a solid rusher for us. Someone that can be a good two down lineman rusher next to Clark. 

Grimes fits the mold and is intriguing. I like Hawkins to offer that juice to the offense either when Jones needs a break or possibly as that Ervin type role. Note sure on his return skills, so hopefully he can fill that role too. 

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