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Was there a specific moment when you realized a QB wasn’t going to pan out?

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TJack was that playoff game vs the Eagles in 2008. He was completely lost out there, even after looking decent coming back from his benching earlier that season.

For Ponder, I excused his play until week 1 of 2013. Adrian Peterson was coming off a MVP season, had a great game vs Detroit and Ponder still couldn't feel any pressure, throw down the field, or ever get in a rhythm. We knew he was toast.

I liked Bridgewater and still do. But he was done as soon as his knee blewout.

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On 4/22/2021 at 10:22 PM, DER10N92 said:

JP Losman (2004)...the moment we drafted him after the big 3 (Roethlisberger, Eli & Rivers) had already came off the board and we reached for the next available QB.

EJ Manuel (2013)...also the moment we drafted him when he was average at best in college and we reached on him in the 1st and our GM was on his way out the door and drafted a QB just for the sake of saying he set us up with one for the future.


Go Bills

I was going to go with the QB in between them with Trent Edwards.

He was always a Captain Checkdown type of QB, but once Adrian Wilson ruined his life, he was "seeing ghosts" for the rest of his short career.

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