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Colts Forum draft talk thread

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Lewis - Buckner - Stewart - Paye/Turay

Muhammed - Rochell - Stallworth - Turay/Paye 

Odayingbo  - Windsor  - Brown - Banogu

Williams - Cline - ///// - ////// 

Turay and Lewis are on the last contract year, Banogu has an additional year if he makes the roster this year

Paye replaces either Turay or Banogu or both

Odayingbo replaces Lewis if he’s allowed to leave

passing downs 

Muhammed - Lewis/Odayingbo - Buckner - Paye/Turay 

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1 hour ago, Warhorse said:

Love where the Cots D-line is headed. Bucs pressure is what got that SB win.

Pressure and coverage. We’ll need a better CB IMO.


That said, if (big if) both those guys hit their ceiling, that combo plus Buckner means QBs should be running for their lives.

Sure hope Paye hits his ceiling though. Great kid. Unbelievable athlete. The potential is sky-high

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Chris Ballard was asked about the potential to bring back Justin Houston. ‘We’ve got a pretty stacked room, I love Justin but we’ve got a pretty stacked room’

Ballard also acknowledged that a few tackles went right before the Colts picked BUT they had Odeyingbo graded higher then them. 

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Pete Fiutak of collegefootballnews . com made his prediction for Colts day 3 picks 


4 (127) TE Kenny Yeboah, Ole Miss

5 (165) CB Rodarius Williams, Oklahoma State

6 (206) WR Simi Fehoko, Stanford

7 (248) OG Jaylon Moore Western Michigan 

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