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17 - Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech (6'4 1/2 - 322)




Darrisaw was a terrific tackle at Virginia Tech the past two seasons and showed a lot of progress in his game during the 2020 campaign. He’s a devastating run blocker who holds his own in pass protection, and I believe he offers possibilities at left or right tackle in the NFL.

Given his ability in run blocking, a team with a run-heavy focus would benefit from selecting Darrisaw in the 2021 NFL Draft.


48 - Jevon Holland, S, Oregon (6'0 1/2 - 207)



Holland is a good athlete and a developing safety who would’ve benefited from another season on the field in 2020. His ball skills and coverage ability are such that teams may consider him at cornerback or nickel back. Holland comes with a large upside but needs time to develop his game.

79 - Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford (6'1 - 198)



Adebo was a highly-considered prospect after his brilliant redshirt freshman season, but he played somewhat erratic football the next two years. He’s a level-headed personality with a large upside who needs to get his game back on track and consistently play at a high level.

80 - Alim McNeill, DT, North Carolina State (6'1 1/2 - 317)



McNeill is a short, squat-bodied defensive tackle who can be used in a variety of schemes at the next level. Though not a pass rusher, he can be a disruptive lineman and will start in the right system.

121 - Brenden Jaimes, OG, Nebraska (6'5 - 298)



Jaimes was a terrific blocker for Nebraska and had three outstanding days of practice at the Senior Bowl. Though he’s not the greatest athlete, he gets the most from his ability, has a feel for blocking, and also comes with the versatility to line up at several positions. He’s a Day 3 pick who could be a steal and eventually develop into a starter at the next level.

162 - Charles Snowden, DE (LEO), Virginia (6'6 1/4 - 243)



Charles Snowden is one of the more perplexing players in the 2021 NFL Draft but in a good way. He has uncommon physical traits, and as he’s shown on tape, he also has good athleticism to pair with his size. If the Virginia linebacker can put it all together and find a role that suits him at the NFL level, he can be a versatile, disruptive, stress-inducing defender for opposing offensive coordinators.

167 - Isaiah McDuffie, LB, Boston College (6'1 - 227)



McDuffie’s special teams’ ability may help him carve out a role on any NFL team, making him a valuable commodity.

200 - Tommy Doyle, OT, Miami (OH) (6'8 - 320)




Doyle is a physical specimen who entered the season with high grades from scouts, yet plays like a last-day pick more often than not. He has incredible upside and is a developmental prospect who could move into a starting lineup on Sundays if he completes his game.

The best way to view Miami offensive tackle Tommy Doyle is as a developmental left tackle in the 2021 NFL Draft. However, as Tony Pauline alludes to, with some technical refinement he could became a starter in the NFL. Additionally, his experience playing right tackle at Miami would indicate that he could make the move across. At worst, he would make a serviceable backup/swing tackle.



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25 minutes ago, oakdb36 said:

I really love those 3rd round picks.... and Darrisaw in round 1, Doyle in round 6.   I wouldn't argue with any pick really, although i personally don't love theIdea of Holland at FS... as a 3rd S / big slot I love the idea.

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Where can I sign up for this? :)

Really like the hole mock.

Darrisaw is a really clean OT prospect IMO, only question would be the switch to the right side.

Holland could be a solid starter for us.

Abedo might be the only early pick I switch, but without the hole tracker I can't say for sure, he would be a good system fit, so could live with him.

McNeil could be Hankins replacement in '22 and good depth in '21, however that DT spot will be crowded.

Jaimes as OG would make sense!

Snowden would need a big offseason to stick around, but could be a solid PS candidate.

Isaiah could be the ST war daddy 2021 edition.

Doyle has the size, could be a solid project for the Cable guy.

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2 hours ago, Rolni said:

Abedo might be the only early pick I switch, but without the hole tracker I can't say for sure, he would be a good system fit, so could live with him.

Players i have in this (close) range:

79.Jamar Johnson
80.Brady Christensen
81.Pete Werner
82.D'Wayne Eskridge

83.Josh Myers
84.Alim McNeill
85.Tommy Tremble
86.Paulson Adebo
87.Brevin Jordan
88.Kellen Mond
89.Chazz Surratt
90.Amari Rodgers
91.Jay Tufele
92.Kenneth Gainwell
93.Ar'Darius Washington
94.Aaron Banks
95.Tyler Shelvin

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Love all the picks, and would be happy with this draft. I’d change Adebo to St-Juste if he’s still there though. Also, I think Doyle will go in the 5th and not the 6th, his athletic testing was like the 10th best ever for an OT. 

Darrisaw - Starter at RT for a decade. And a very, very good starter. Can start at LT to, but his full potential is at right. 

Holland - Holland I always have mixed feelings on, but he’d be a solid pick there. Like, I don’t think theres any way he busts, but I’m not super sold on him at FS. I think he can be a very solid FS, but his Single-High needs to be tested. Worst case scenario, he’s a stud SS with coverage ability. 100x better than Abram or Joseph at that spot. Also, he can be a stud Nickel if we need him to play there as well. Like I said, he’s not gonna bust, but you have to experiment with him. 

I like McNeil in the 3rd but I’d prefer Milton Williams if he’s there, which he probably won’t be. 

Snowden - Love him. Think he’s gonna be one of the steals of the draft and his draft stock doesn’t make sense right now. 

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Yeah solid mock, like the Jaimes and Doyle pickups.

I went St. Juste but could easily have been Adebo. Although I prefer Moehrig, Holland is #2 for me. 

Good job. 

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