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NFL Draft '21- Goodell bringin' back Bro Hugs

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1 minute ago, bucsfan333 said:

I'm 100% in support of any day three WRs we take. Licht finds a lotta good ones.

Speed kills, Dardin played slot in college.  He s a more traditional slot who can run the WR screen game with more speed and elusiveness then Godwin.  That WR depth chart is loaded.

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Cross off Felton. This is the WR/Returner pick. Love how BA doesn’t care about tipping direction of picks. Mentioned speed and special teams and that’s exactly what this guy does. Solid pick. More weapons.

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1 minute ago, BucsDraftGeek47 said:

Darden is a good player im just bummed bc i wanted DL

This DL class is weak. Had a feeling if we were gonna take one it would be late late from what Licht and BA said. They aren’t gonna value those guys over other positions this year, which is why we resigned Suh, McLendon, etc. Maybe we’ll get one if the 5th or 7th...

I wouldn’t mind DB and DL to close out the draft.

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