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Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time


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Broncos (3-2) vs Chargers (2-4) - in LA but really a home game tbh 

Stories of the game:

1. Chargers have won 2 in a row and are a better team than their record would indicate (stop me if you've heard this before) with two last second losses. It's a home game for them after a tough loss in Denver to start the year, and Phil Rivers is starting to play like he isn't a corpse

2. The Denver coaches embarrassed themselves last week, in all facets. All the eyes are on those guys this week as they will need to impress. McCoy revenge game!

3. Trevor Siemian needs to respond to some controversy. No one is really sure if this dude has the balls to be a starting QB in the league so that would be cool if he stepped up this game, but I'm not holding my breath.

4. Is DT healthy? (Stop me if you've heard this before) The wide receiver position will be a question mark for the Broncos with Sanders out. 

5. The Chargers two elite pass rushers spurred the rally for them in week one. Will Denver be able to control them? 

6. Keenan Allen has had a meh year and the Chargers offense is pretty meh in general. They are feeding Gordon the rock, but he is just a workhorse at this point. Not sure they will be able to do much against a Broncos defense that is on.


Honestly, this is looking like a really tough game for the Broncos with the injury to Sanders and the Chargers playing well. How the Broncos perform after last week will probably define the season. I think we are going to see if this squad is playoff caliber or not this week with how the bounce back to some controversy. Really could see this going either way - but I'm going to put some positive vibes towards Trev and predict a 24-20 Broncos win 



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Just now, BroncoSojia said:

If we lose this game, the season may be sunk. After this, we have @Chiefs, @Eagles, and Patriots at home off a bye. That could be four straight losses.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the upcoming schedule is an absolute DOOZY. The Eagles are actually really good. 

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Got some bad news on the injury front this morning. 

-As we knew both Emmanuel Sanders and Isiah McKenzie will miss the game. 

-Both Donald Stephenson and Menelik Watson will miss the game with injuries, thus Allen Barbre will start at RT and Max Garcia at LG. 

-Corey Nelson is having surgery and has been placed on IR. 

When it rains, it pours. 

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So I went away last Saturday with wife while in-laws took the kids....came back last night late, and had this HORRIBLE nightmare, that we lost to Giants, and in the process, lost guys in our 2 weakest areas (OL & LB).   So glad it was just a bad dream.  



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Anyways, with that said, the news only gets worse today:




RT is Allen Barbre. Donald Stephenson out (calf), Menelik Watson (calf) out. Corey Nelson on IR. Elbow injury yesterday. #9sports



So we lost Watson for a while,  Billy Turner (who was a mess as our RT), and now Stephenson is week to week?  OMG that's a horror show at RT.   Barbre for sure becomes our RT, but that's a problem because Max freakin' Garcia has to play regular snaps as LG now.  Man, that's a bad, bad, bad result.   The cruellest irony?  Michael Schofield will be the starting RT for the Chargers this week - when we'd probably kill to have him on our roster (as limited as he is, keeping Barbre at LG and having him at RT with TE/RB help would have been a very clear option - oh well).

Meanwhile, Corey Nelson is on IR - so the most mystifying weak-spot that Elway chose to not address (forget Reuben Foster rd 1, which you all know my stance on, but no late-round picks, nor any FA additions), it's a big helping of Todd Davis facing MG3 in the flats for pass coverage, or worse, play-action with Hunter Henry.  Plus we find out that Brandon Marshall was playing hurt with a bad shoulder last week, but will have to start given our situation.   Dear God.

And of course, we're missing Sanders, and DT is gutting it out, but isn't close to 100 percent.  Wow.

There are 3-4 things we can do to adjust:

1.  Use our S as hybrids for the ILB position.   Anything that decreases our present ILB's from actually playing important pass coverage snaps is a good thing.

2.  Use more Booker as a pass catcher.   The jury's still out on whether he's going to be successful as a pure runner between the tackles, but the one very small blessing in the NYG disaster was the prowess Booker reminded us that he possesses.   It was garbage time, so you can't project the same success, but the pure skills in pass catching and route-running (and decent blocking that's really improved from a bad start as the main RB last year as a rookie), it shows we have another weapon to use in the pass game....which we need to have, with our top WR's hurting (and a way to combat the QB pressure our OL is giving up).

3.  Get Von to the QB, and get at least 2 TO's.  If we don't win the TO game, we likely lose this game.

4.  Siemian just has to be better in his decision-making.  Those 2-3 boneheaded decisions in Weeks 1-5 were mostly masked by very good anticipation/placement, but as we've seen more pressure in his face, we've seen regression in the 2016 mistakes re-appearing.   Now, to be clear, he's still way better than anyone else we have on the lineup - talk about Oz is frankly ridiculous IMO.   But he's got to be better, no doubt about it.

The only small blessing we have in going to LA is that's it's not really a road game - we'll probably have as many if not more fans there than the Chargers will.   But otherwise, to be so decimated at LB and OL, where they have MG3/Hunter Henry, and their pass rush obliterated in Week 1 when we had a full unit...man, not good.   And of course, they've moved on from Koo as PK, so we can't count on missed FG's saving us, either.

I'd love to say we'll pull this out, but I've got a sinking feeling the Chargers stay on a roll after winning their first 2, something like 21-17.   Sucks too, the AFCW is now wide open, with KC losing to OAK last night.    I'd love to be wrong here, but this is a bad, bad, bad matchup we're facing where they're strongest/we're weakest now.

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3 hours ago, paul-mac said:

Max Garcia had been playing half of the snaps at LG anyway, it’s not like having him there is a major downgrade. I think Barbre will do alright at RT. 

Pretty sure that's where Barbre spent most of his career.

Sure am glad we picked Bolles. Can you imagine this team without him?

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5 hours ago, AKRNA said:

Pretty sure that's where Barbre spent most of his career.

Sure am glad we picked Bolles. Can you imagine this team without him?

To me he’s already the most important player on offense. Not the best, but the most important guy for sure. 

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42 minutes ago, BroncoinGermany said:

Last night, Ben Allbright mentioned on Twitter that there is a strong rumor that the Broncos are interested in a Buffalo Bills tackle. 


It surely has to be one of two guys.


Cordy Glenn is their franchise LT so it’s probably not him. Maybe we could have gotten him when they seemed to be tanking but not after their solid start.


Dion Dawkins was their 2017 second rounder so they won’t be giving up on him already.


Seantral Henderson is one drug test away from a year suspension so it should not him.


That points to Jordan Mills who has a wealth of starting experience and was a starter for the Bears (think six degrees of separation, McCoy surely still talks to Fox and Gase) or there’s a guy called Conor McDermott who the Pats took in round 6 this year and fits the mould of random ex Patriots players Elway likes to pick up.


my money is on Jordan Mills 

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