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2021 NFL Draft Thread


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I was just thinking (based on @lumberjackchris's musings)...

What if it was part of deal...

Rodgers (home) to SF

Watson to GB

Lance to HOU + other pieces / picks (like SS Tarvarius Moore :) + LB Oren Burks could be monster in Tampa 2 + 

Garropolo (despite all pleadings to contrary) to NE nevermind looks like Mac Jones may fall into their laps

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5 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

K we gotta face Lawrence and Etienne 2x a season?  SMH

I was just about to say..

Farley as well (once healed)

For some reason, Paye seems blah to me (much more scared of Ossai)

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7 hours ago, Texansfan713 said:

seeing Saints fans bashing the Payton Turner pick on twitter is hilarious.  As if Marcus Davenport is setting the world on fire. LOL

I love the pick for them - it's a good pair of bookend pass rushers.

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Wish list round 3:


EDGE Cameron Sample,  Tulane

EDGE Joseph Ossai, Texas

EDGE Chris Rumph II (His dad was the Texan's OLB coach last season)

LB Jabril Cox, LSU

WR Amari Rogers, Clemson

WR Dyami Brown, North Carolina

LB Dylan Moses- Alabama


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