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The Official 2021 NFL Draft Thread!

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3 minutes ago, EvilenFroggen said:

All this Draftathon stuff is. “NFL: We’re doing things.  Now here’s a person.”

It was embarrassing Goodell said she had depression. This is draft night nobody gives af also that's called all women.

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3 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

I have but that's beside the point -- which has obviously escaped you.

All I'm saying is that we're all having a good time in this thread and I'd hate to see it get locked all because you can't stay on topic.  Again man, not all thoughts need to be shared.

Well, I quoted the guy saying “jerkin it” with an actual quote from the movie, and here you are drawing attention to the thing you don’t want attention on.  I’m going to disengage now, but seriously?  Jesus


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Just now, Kirill said:

Still can't defend the pass. Any contender will light up that defense.

Talking about Parsons or the rest of the team?  Parsons is pretty solid in coverage actually.  Their isn't much he doesn't do above avg or better.    This draft has some good secondary depth in rounds 2 through 4 so they can for sure still help the secondary with their 2nd round pick and 2 3rd's. 

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