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Loudermilk just said on the press conference call that the Steelers told him that they would like him to add weight. Dulac needs to retire along with a couple other people covering the team.

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18 minutes ago, 43M said:

Almost every year, people claim we had the worst draft in the AFC North, because the other teams tend to go with the higher profile guys.....but their draft classes often dont end up being as good as everyone anticipates.  Not to say they are bad, but I remember NUMEROUS occasions where Steeler fans were mad that the Ravens or Bengals supposedly had a great draft, but it didnt ultimately end up as great as it looked on draft day.  

I have no idea how this years draft will turn out IN THE END, but just because they are supposed drafting better on PAPER doesnt mean it will all pan out.   

As @MOSteelers56said....at this point, its a major crapshoot at this point.     Most day 3 players....even 4th rounders, dont end up doing much outside of depth and special teams.   

Every round is a crap shoot basically 

Steelers always do well 

Ravens always do well 

Cinci and cleveland have been stepping their drafting game up (as evident by their recent success) 

I feel like the north is one of the better division in football (3 teams making e playoffs)

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4 minutes ago, 43M said:

In what world is Laudermilk an OLB?

My real, making-this-up-as-I-go answer:

In a sub-package world in which they lost their best run defender in Bud Dupree on the edge -- he is that. An early down Edge (?) defender that can come in, especially against teams like the Browns and Ravens, and play the run. 

Highsmith is a higher upside pass rusher ying. Laudermilk is the run stopping yang. 

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5 hours ago, MOSteelers56 said:

I agree with the Pouncey sentiments too. He was trash last year. He had been coasting on reputation for a long time. I've never seen an "elite" player get absolutely destroyed as much as Pouncey did. Some of Ben's biggest plays come from Pouncey getting blown back into his lap. Early in his career he moved so well as a lead blocker that it made up for the handful of disastrous plays he'd have a game. Later in his career he didn't have the highs, but still had the lows. I think losing Pouncey and Foster could really end up really helping our run game. 

agree, but also AV slipped and even DDC. IOW, the new OC should help and more important would be the OL coach , hopefully.  Reality has it, the OL can't get much worse, even 2007 was better O.o. That bad, and it can only get better unless injuries really get THAT bad. 

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

sorry, Gerry. The grownups are talking now. 

Seriously...why do we have the WORST best crew? 

To be fair...Gerry had to do what we all did...find any relevant information on Loudermilk and the NFL Draft, and scroll through the first 5 pages of google results of how he might be able to to get on a team via UDFA, but most likely, via a tryout...so there's that...

I'm sorry...I exaggerated...there were only 2 and a half pages of google results when searching Loudermilk NFL Draft...ugh...

...what a horrible, horrible selection...were they afraid that the Ravens might get to him in on a tryout before us, so we panicked and traded into the 5th round for him??

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