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2021 NFL Draft Day 1 GDT (No Spoilers)


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Just now, adamq said:

Same man.. I really, really feel that Fields has unlimited potential and is much more polished than Lance. But I'm still excited as hell to have a new QB.


$$ wise I came out even at least

Got to be some intel on Fields that we are not privy to yet because I agree with you that he would have been the best of both worlds.

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4 minutes ago, big9erfan said:

I'm so happy it wasn't jones that I don't know yet quite how disappointed I am that it wasn't Fields.

Yeah, I didn’t have fields too far behind Jones. Would have been stoked on either. I just value accuracy so much. I hope there’s some mechanics issue that Shanny thinks will be easy to fix. But half his passes are off the mark. Just scares me. 

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6 minutes ago, Psychlone said:

MASSIVE kudos to you good Sir!!! Dead on from the get go!

We don't waver over here!!!

But it never added up to me. Either you believed Shanny/Lynch not leaking or you didn't. Everyone was going off of OTHER teams but nothing off from 49ers sources… and really even those in the organization didn't know. 

You don't trade all that for someone who can't be special. Lance can, he was always the pick and more importantly, he's so raw and inexperienced that Kyle can teach and coach him up exactly the way he wants to. 

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1 minute ago, Forge said:

I'm 5 for 5. I may need to finish out the rest of hte first round if I'm 12 for 12 

I totally forgot the draft was still going on. I went into full 49ers mode trying to find what people are saying about the pick. 

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