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2021 NFL Draft Day 1 GDT (No Spoilers)

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1 minute ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

We don't waver over here!!!

But it never added up to me. Either you believed Shanny/Lynch not leaking or you didn't. Everyone was going off of OTHER teams but nothing off from 49ers sources… and really even those in the organization didn't know. 

You don't trade all that for someone who can't be special. Lance can, he was always the pick and more importantly, he's so raw and inexperienced that Kyle can teach and coach him up exactly the way he wants to. 

That's right. Staying strong during the process! 

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10 minutes ago, Justone2 said:

Was Graham really a TE? I think Pitts is more of a TE than Graham ever was but the guy just is flat out amazing in the passing game that it is just a label and they will choose TE because the tags are cheaper that way.

His agent and his union rep might have something to say about that. But I agree. Whatever you call him he's an amazing receiver.

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Initial thought was Lance, the Jones hype had me waver, then swung back to Lance (but with a little doubt). 

The fact that his name popped up more and more as the draft got closer was definitely a huge indication. 

Now, where do Fields & Jones go?

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