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2021: 01.14 - Jets select OG Alijah Vera-Tucker


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12 hours ago, Rockice_8 said:

JD knocked it out of the park.  Gave up like 45 points on the trade chart to secure a possible All-Pro OG.  

No question he's working the phones to move down a few spots to get a 3 back.

Now we got two picks in the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds so hopefully he uses them to get back into round 3.  We can essentially get two 3rds back before the day is over tomorrow.

Got to love the way he moves around the draft.  Seems like he always is getting great value.

I don't think we trade out of 34 and sacrifice getting day 1 talent in the prime spot that we're at now. I think it's more realistic to package on of our 4ths with a 2022 pick (we have 13 next year) to jump back into the 3rd round. 

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3 minutes ago, JetsandI said:

I don't think Wilson ever being a captain for BYU.

I thought he was a captain. They hadn’t given it to him before the season because of the uncertainty over who was the starting qb as Zach was injured the year prior. But once it was obvious he was the main man he was a captain. 

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