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2021 Draft Thread - Day #2 Talk


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Just now, BayRaider said:

I wouldn’t be mad if we picked a RT like Cosmi or Forsythe. But that’s purely because of how I view Leatherwood as a guard. However, 99% of the forum would be outraged lol. 

With that said, I want to address defense with this pick primarily. Preferably FS or CB. 

Actually wouldn't mind another OL pick, but yea, we need a defensive player.

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Actually would hate a QB pick at 48. Not a huge fan of Mond, Mills, or Trask. Now, picking a Backup QB in the 5th Round, that’s a different story. 

Mond and Mills would be interesting though because they have nice tools. But just not really big on those guys. At 79 if they fall, sure. At 48, no. 

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1 minute ago, roi34 said:

Cisco has 2nd round talent atleast  injury caused his fall

Likely would be available at 79 though. Once again, the whole value thing Mayock and Jon don’t understand. 

(Though, my personal opinion he’s a 3rd Round talent, but I can see people thinking he’s a 2nd, Cisco is a pretty subjective player worth a lot of debate)

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Just now, Geezy said:

wouldn't mind a QB day 3, someone who has the potential to be a quality back up so we can save on some cap moving forward.

Felipe Franks or Ian Book in the 5th make a lot of sense. I like Book a lot personally. Tough as nails QB who will grind you some wins if your starter is injured. 

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JOK is the only no brainer LB- all the other LB prospects aren't anywhere better than Morrow/KWIT as prospects. Maybe Bolton


S- Moehrig, Holland, JJ

I don't really like the 2nd round corners

DT- Barmore, Levi, Williams, Nixon

Edge- Ojaluri, Perkins

guys who stand out..... 

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