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The good and the bad from round one


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Got my homer glasses on but the Vikings trading back and getting Darrisaw has to be a top a top 3 pick of the night - Unreal value.

Great trade by the Bears to get Fields, they just need to work on his supporting cast now.

Patriots sticking and picking Jones at 15 is a great pick, BB needs to show him the ropes and he can be a good QB.



Jets trading up with the vikings for a guard

Raiders picking Leatherwood

Dolphins taking Waddle instead of D. Smith



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I'm pretty biased, but Bears getting fields was huge. 

I'll give credit where it's due to the others in nfc:n Detroit getting Sewell and Vikings getting Darrisaw was huge for both teams. We hopefully got a QB they have to deal with for the next decade +, but I'd say both of them just got the most important player on the offensive line for the next decade.... Particularly when you look at the pass rushing monsters in this division



Worst 4 picks in my mind where

Denver and Carolina both passing on qbs for corners... Like you guys were in as bad, or even worse spots than the Bears where... And passed on an easy shot to fix the problem. 

Steelers taking najee Harris, as I had him as the #3 rb behind Etienne and Javonte (who in astonished is still on the board) 

And 9ers taking Lance. Had him as my #5 qb and it was the only qb selection today I didn't like (though Zach Wilson to the jets I don't think is a good fit /situation for him, I did like him enough as a prospect to be good with the pick itself from the jets perspective) 

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10 minutes ago, RandomCampBody said:

Bears did what they had to do but as a fields fan i wish he had fallen more and gone to the patriots at 15 assuming they would have taken him over Jones which i don't know.

I always fear for rookie QB's who go teams with coaches and GM's potentially on the hot seat.

Judging by Fields and his family's reaction, I thing they felt the same way

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7 hours ago, Teen Girl Squad said:


Did not like the Micah Parsons pick. Questionable instincts at a position that demands them to deliver first round value. I don't trust the Cowboys staff to coach/scheme him up.



I pulled the 10 day 1 and day 2 defensive selections Dan Quinn made in Atlanta.

Spoiler alert: it was not pretty.

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24 minutes ago, INbengalfan said:

Judging by Fields and his family's reaction, I thing they felt the same way


The last successful QB in Chicago was....? Hasn't been one in Fields' lifetime.

He, Lawrence and Wilson have extremely high bust potential because of the organizations they went to

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Vikings fans have to be riding on cloud 9.  They got Darrisaw PLUS more picks.

The board is working out very well for the Bengals.  Now have one of the best WR groups in the league with Chase/Higgins/Boyd and lots of OL options for either RT or RG at 38.

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2 hours ago, viking said:


Great trade by the Bears to get Fields, they just need to work on his supporting cast now.



I'm with you, but he does have a reasonably talented supporting cast in the skill positions.  Robinson, Montgomery, Cohen, and last year's second round pick Cole Kmet.  I'd like to see them get another WR but the biggest focus really needs to be on OL.  If the Bears only drafted OL and DBs the rest of the draft, I'd be fine with that.

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I like both Waddle and Chase but you don’t pass on a generational talent OL like Sewell to take 6’0 WRs. Bad by both Cinci and Miami.

The Raiders are like a running joke. Yikes.

Etienne was a dumb pick for the Jags.

I liked what the Vikings did, obviously, and I liked that we didn’t panic after Sewell was off the board and got the second best OL without having to move up.


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39 minutes ago, SBLIII said:

I think Etienne will be a Pro Bowler but based on position I agree

He's not going to be used as just a RB.

Lacked a homerun threat/electric piece on offense. Hes a tremendous fit to pair with Robinson.

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10 hours ago, goldfishwars said:

Best value picks relative to my board (Number is my rank):

3. Justin Fields | QB | Ohio State + 8 
13. Jaelan Phillips* | EDGE | Miami + 5 (Medical Concerns)
15. Caleb Farley* | CB | Virginia Tech + 7 (Medical Concerns)
17. Rashod Bateman | WR | Minnesota + 10
18. Christian Darrisaw | OT | Virginia Tech + 5
23. Jayson Oweh | EDGE | Penn State + 8

Worst value picks relative to my board (Number is my rank):

38. Mac Jones | QB | Alabama - 23
42. Alex Leatherwood | OT | Alabama - 25
44. Payton Turner | EDGE | Houston - 16
48. Kadarius Toney | WR | Florida - 28
52. Jamin Davis | LB | Kentucky - 33
70. Eric Stokes | CB | Georgia - 39

I agree almost exactly with your worst picks.  I'd throw Oweh in with the worsts as well, but I get why he was taken.  Turner is probably my pick for worst, with Toney and Stokes after.

As for best, hard not to put Fields at the top.  Chicago needed a QB badly to save the regime, and Fields should have gone much earlier.  Also, it's a QB, and any time you can land one of them, especially without a top 5 pick, it's a great grab.

Darrisaw was a great value, especially after so many other OTs.  Paye and Rousseau were absolute steals; I had them as the first and second pass rushers in this class.  I loved the Titans pick myself.  Farley is of comparable quality to Horn and Surtain as a prospect, so if he plays, even at less than 100%, it's a great value for a team that really needed a CB.

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