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Draft Day 2 Rounds 2 (61) and Rounds 3 (93)


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9 minutes ago, Kmart128 said:







Room looks way to crowded and the coaches really like Johnson as well.

I think Addison is the odd man out. Can still save money by moving on. Obada and Johnson will fight for that 5th spot/special teams spot 

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Just watched Basham Jr meet the Bills media. He’s a great fit.

Also he said him and Epenesa are friends and have stayed in contact, he also got to know Rousseau during this process. Having those 3 hopefully being productive on rookie deals for at least 3 seasons together is huge when we’re about to pay Allen.

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Also I didn’t get the chance to announce this before I left, but the reason I was MIA lately is because I’m away at training. I’m currently in a layover and flying out tonight and will be gone for a few more weeks. 

Keep up the great interactions and fiery passion!

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3 minutes ago, Trentwannabe said:

Building the trenches. I’ll never be against it. 

don’t know much about Brown but media seems to love this pick. Sounds like he’s a mountain and a nasty finisher. Likely a Daryl Williams replacement in two years. 

Brown is a ******* animal, love it. Perfect 6th guy.

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