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Draft Day 2 Rounds 2 (61) and Rounds 3 (93)


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6 hours ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

I really like our three picks, build inside out, plan for not just this year, smart. Hard not to like it.

I like Basham... it just means we are gonna have to drop a couple other good players  which is the issue i have. We dont have room for anyone else. I guesd in hindsight i would have liked the selection way more had we drafted Tyson Campbell at 30.

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14 hours ago, Trentwannabe said:

Actually we don’t save much of anything moving on from Addison. No clue what the plan is 

save 5.3 mil if its a post june 1st cut. I think he is the odd man out if they do decide to cut one loose. I also can see Bsham playing the Jefferson role in which he plays inside and outside and the bills roll with a ton this year. Think about what we lost we lost Murphy who was on the roster Rousseau replaces him. Basham replaces Jefferson. Johnson and Obada fight it out for the last spot. Bills can let someone go like Zimmer and Phillips if they draft a plug today. I dont know if its far fetched but putting Rousseau com in on blitz plays in which they are 4-3 set up and have Rousseau blitz from the LB stance. I think these guys have some flexibility there. 

If we dump Addison for post June 1st then I hope they go CB Nelson or Sherman in FA to help play and then next year go all in on corner. Or we dump Addison and take that money to trade for Ertz to land the TE and role with Dane, Levi this year and bring in a few UDFA CBs to find another gem. I am not really concerned with the DB situation as Mcdermott knows how to get the best out of those guys its the dline that concerns me with the inability to figure it out. Was not a fan of Rousseau pick but adding Basham too makes me think this may work out as his ceiling isnt high but he is more ready to go compared to Rousseau so he will see more playing time in 2021 but Rousseau if his mechanics and fundamentals are good then he can transition to the stud they hope he can be.

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Loved the focus on the trenches! I, too, wanted an upgrade at CB, however, an improved pass rush would require the secondary to cover for a shorter amount of time. That would make Levi a better/"improved" player, whether I personally like him or not. This actually felt like some very smart moves in hindsight.

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