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Lions O-line.


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Injuries recently have really hit the Lions offensive line. Noticing the people/players they bring in kind of disappoints me. They looks to be like small plug in's with not much hope of being really good or good enough even to handle the job.


With that said, there are a few O-linemen still available that I think could provide upgrades over our current back ups. OG/RT Orlando Franklin, OG Alex Boone, OG John Greco, and C/OG Nick Mangold. All interior linemen, older guys but they've got track records of competing at the starting level in this league. I think they could provide more than guys like Emmett Cleary and Bryce Harris.

In the run game I'm disappointed as well. Everyone but the Lions knew they needed a RB but they had faith in Abdullah an everyone is seeing now he's about the same player Theo Riddick, Abdullah is just a better runner but not much better. He's a weak runner who goes down easily and though he help Stafford out of the backfield as a receiver, Lions/Stafford really need a guy that can run between the tackles and really pop one off. I don't think at this point they can go find that guy, but DeAngelo Williams is still available with seeminly some speed and game left based off what he did last year with the Steelers. I think Abdullah/Williams tandem would help a lot more than the Abdullah/Riddick tandem based off Riddick not truly being a good runner as a RB. He's below average a runner and honestly maybe should be moved to a slot WR role like Jeremy Kerley, Cole Beasley, or even our own Golden Tate. To me, Golden Tate/ Theo Riddick are about the same player playing different position on the field.


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