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Baltimore Ravens 2021 3rd Round Pick - Pick 104 - Brandon Stephens CB SMU


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1 hour ago, wackywabbit said:

DeCosta said "probably [...] he really first the profile of a free safety type player" in his post draft presser.  Emphasized the high upside/potential he has.

I wonder how many quality safeties in the never played the position before?  I know its not uncommon to see CB X is a "zone corner with size and not great hips, so maybe he'll need to transition to Safety" in scouting reports, but how often does that actually work?

The only one I can think of is Malcolm Jenkins, but even he played his first season in the NFL as a CB.

I fear that this'll turn into a Arizona Brandon Williams like situation (CB who played RB for most of his time in college before being a 3rd round pick in the NFL draft, but could never really find his place), but I'll be happy to be proven wrong

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FWIW I'm pretty sure EDC's comments about him being able to play safety came in response to a reporter asking him directly if he thought Stephens could play safety, rather than him saying definitively that they picked him to play safety. So they could very well keep him at corner. The versatility/length makes me think that they're hoping to bring him along enough to serve as the immediate replacement for Jimmy Smith after this season. 

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Theme of this draft for the Ravens was upside, the took players with fantastic traits and are trusting their staff to coach em up to their full potential. Instead of spending the draft capital on Moehrig or Richie Grant they decided to go with Stephens..

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