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Fantasy Quarterbacks and Playing Matchups


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Alright everyone, there seems to be a divide among fantasy owners when it comes to QBs.

1. Do you start your best no matter what?

2. Play matchups?

3. Or is there some gray area there?


I would like to hear from everyone about decisions you've made(both right and wrong) with QBs this season to gauge whether or not playing your best all the time works or if playing matchups really is better.


What do you say?

My 2 QBs: Dak Prescott(6th) vs Matthew Stafford(10th)

Week 2, i started Stafford vs NYG(a slightly better matchup) than Prescott vs Denver. Result: Prescott wins 15.9 to 13.2

Week 3, started Stafford vs Atlanta over Dak vs Arizona. Thought Arizona was the more difficult matchup but so far ATL has been tougher. Result: Dak wins 22.9 to 16.5

Week 4, better QB has the better matchup so unable to determine a pattern there

Week 5, started Dak vs GB over Stafford vs Minny. GB is rated slightly tougher but Dak wins 29.7 to 15.2


So far at least with mine starting the better guy has been the way to go. What say you?


Ps, this isn't to compare Tom Brady to Andy Dalton, you want to keep the guys relatively close in rankings

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I'm a matchup guy. By the time I take a quarterback in the draft, they are all kind of the same, so matchups can be a big deal in deciding who is actually putting up points. Sometimes it doesn't work out - sometimes you have that juicy matchup and your guy just tanks. But that happens. I started this season with Ben, Rivers, Mariota. Since then some deals have been made, and I have Winston, Ben, Cousins. It's a QB / Superflex league, so usually two quarterbacks. I change them up regularly. 

But all of my guys have largely been very similar. and it's hard to judge any of them as being "the best" of the bunch. Since I've picked up Cousins, he's pretty much a lock and it's the other two guys who will rotate that last spot. 

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I'm going to have a similar problem here shortly.
Wentz vs DEN
McCown vs BUF

I'm starting to think that Buffalo will be a hard enough defense to where I would almost still start Wentz, but with how Wentz was getting attacked by the pass rush last night it may not be so cut and dry.

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