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🏈 Pick #143 is in: S, Tyree Gillespie, Missouri

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Safety prospect with the physical and athletic profile to make it in the league, but finding the right spot for him could be the key. Gillespie frequently roamed as a single-high safety in the Missouri scheme. He plays with decent instincts on the back-end, but might not have enough range to offer over-the-top help at the next level. He can be fluid in pursuit when running the alleys and working near the line of scrimmage but will need to improve tackle angles to prevent slip outs and misses. He appears to have the strength and athleticism to handle some man coverage on matchup tight ends, but the lack of ball production is a bit of a concern. Gillespie should be an early contributor on special teams with enough versatility to be looked at in a variety of schemes, although there might not be a perfect fit for him.


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Another guy I really liked in the 4th round range. 

Though I do kind of question taking another S. I suppose the plan is to have Diablo play LB full time as opposed to giving him time at SS? Because if Gillespie latches on I think that will be at SS. 

I won't complain getting a talented guy with potential, but I would have liked to see a DT or CB over another S. 

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