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1. G Nolan Laufenberg (source) Air Force
2. FB Adam Prentice (source) South Carolina
3. OT Drew Himmelman (source) Illinois State
4. WR Branden Mack (source) Temple
5. LB Curtis Robinson (source) Stanford
6. TE Shaun Beyer (source) Iowa
7. CB Mac McCain III (source) North Carolina A&T

8. OLB Andre Mintze (source) Vanderbilt
9. WR Warren Jackson (source) Colorado State
10. TE Landon Rice (source) Jacksonville State
11. WR Devontres Dukes (source) South Florida


Not official yet... The only player I know on the list is Jackson.  Any insight?

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Feel like we're usually spoiled picking up a couple of the better udfa at least but man, not super optimistic with any of these guys.

Laufenberg, Beyer and Mintze I'm familiar with but dunno much about the rest tbh.

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I don't think any of these guys have much chance of making the 53. Usually there are 2 or 3 guys that stand out as having a great opportunity, don't see it with this group. Maybe Beyer if they don't bring in a veteran to fill out that room. 

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Posted (edited)


Like WR Warren Jackson but with the selection of WRs Seth Williams and Tyrie Cleveland last year, IR or PS is his only hope at best

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Yes! Got my boy Curtis Robinson! 

He's really going to over more competition at ILB and can do some EDGE work. Really versatile player and team leader and can ball out on special teams. Would not be shocked to see him sticking around the team for a few years. Fantastic depth add. 

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