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Watching that video, don't you guys just feel this staff is more professional than many of those years with Elway? I mean Elway never really changed his staff despite performance (I appreciate seeing Elway taking a backseat to Paton too in his limited time in the video). I can't help but feel encouraged by seeing how Paton carries himself and interacts with others. He's got this draw to him of professionalism and a clear vision of how he's trying to do things, which I respect. Obviously we'll see how it turns out but I can't really blame the guy for doing his thing, something many GMs never really do.

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I've worked with a lot of people with a lot of personality types in my life and I've really come to appreciate guys like Paton and think people with his traits tend to do very well in positions in leadership. Quiet, focused and consistent. Empowers others to make their voices heard, doesn't need to be at the center of things all the time. Makes the people around him feel valued. Is so diligent in his approach, you never question the process even if you don't always agree with the answers. 

Elway casts such a large shadow over everything around him. I think people in the organization are just going to be a lot more comfortable working for Paton. 

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On 5/24/2021 at 4:34 PM, AKRNA said:

said instability in the current coaching staff was in part why we passed on Fields and Jones. Am I clear on that ? 

I watched about an hrs worth of video on Fields tonight and I don't see what the fuss is about at all with him. I love his deep ball and accuracy on it, love his athleticism, love that he scored the score on that abilility to retain information test but I just don't see it on tape.

He seems to favor go routes and slants with a mix of read option and running the ball   I don't know if Ohio state's concepts are vanilla or what not but I wasn't impressed at all with it. He also holds the ball extremely long for throwing to his first reads most of the time that's a huge red flag to me . I was counting to 4 a majority of his drops that will never fly in the pros. 

He does also seem to like throwing out routes and post corners near the end zone but he just seems super under developed as a passer I get why Surtain was the pick.

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I think @AKRNAwas spot on and maybe even generous it's going to take Fields 2 years minimum to evolve into a prostyle qb I was getting Paxton Lynch flash backs watching his film but he's way smarter and more athletic than Paxton. 

Trey Lance will probably become more refined quicker than Fields because nds ran a prostyle type offense.

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