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Now that the draft is over, where do you think we still need to improve on in order to be a contender for the Superbowl this season?

My top position of need is CB, while we added a depth spot in the draft we still do not have a clear #1 for the #2 spot this year. I can see Levi and Dane battling it out but it is not something I am comfortable with. I think if the bills are able to clear some cap we can go after Richard Sherman or Steven Nelson, not sure if Breeland is an upgrade or not but could come in to camp competing.

My 2nd position is TE, while this is a bit more difficult as there are currently no TE on the market that can come in to be the #1, things could get interesting for teams looking to move on from one they currently have on the roster. Zach Ertz, Evan Engram, Njoku, Howard are rumored to be potential moves that would cost us a 2022 draft pick so if beane sees one as an immediate contender for the #1 TE spot I say pull the trigger on it.

My 3rd position is 1 Tech DT, while we are getting Star back it is unknown if he will have that drive after taking the year off and whether or not he is in game time shape. Taking a year off is a risk and with Harrison Phillips struggling to be the guy he started showing in 2019 before injury I am not sure he has what it takes to be the plug that is needed. Since we didnt land one in a draft this is something that we can look in to. Possibly a roster cut from a team looking to clear cap after landing their Nose Tackle in the draft.

Outside of these 3 positions I do not see an immediate need at other positions. I was an advocate of landing a RB in the draft but with the 2 top prospects gone before the bills were on the clock I do not see the point in adding one after that as Singletary/Moss will likely be the 2 active on the roster while Breida stays on the team but is a healthy scratch  for several weeks as a potential back up if singletary/moss go down. The 3rd rb position who will be active each week is Taiwan Jones for his ST services, so unless someone unseats him in camp on ST I do not see any point in adding a RB to the roster as he will likely not make the team or be inactive for weeks on end.

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